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You can always schedule a drive-in estimate for a time that would be convenient for you. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come first serve basis.

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All images need to be saved in .jpg format. Be sure to include clear pictures of all five images or we won’t be able to complete your estimate. As an added convenience, you won’t need to worry about resizing your images, we will do that for you before the form gets submitted.

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Submission may take a minute or two based on the size of your images and your connection speed.

Your virtual estimate request will be reviewed by an experienced estimator. The estimate that you will receive is the approximate cost to repair the damage visible in your provided photographs. However, there is often unforeseeable or unnoticed damage which may not be discovered until your vehicle is seen in person. Further still, there may even be damage which cannot be seen until other damaged parts are removed. as a result, any estimate or quote given by our virtual estimator is a preliminary estimate only, and not a contract to repair your vehicle for the estimated price. A final estimate will be given when you bring your vehicle in to Dave’s Body Shop for personal inspection by our professional estimators. You will be notified if any other hidden damage to your vehicle is found during the repair process.

This Virtual Estimate is not intended for insurance purposes. Your insurance company’s adjuster is required view your vehicle in person to provide an accurate and thorough estimate for insurance purposes. This service is provided only as a convenience and is in no way an offer to repair the vehicle for the estimated cost.