No. The majority of all body shops will do repairs for prevailing competitive rates.
Certain insurance companies allow their network shops to begin repairs as soon as they receive an assignment. But most require approval from a file reviewer before the shop can begin repairs. In the first example the repair is expedited, in the second it is not.
Provide your body shop with a copy of the insurance estimate and they will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.
You must arrange for payment. Ultimately the vehicle owner is responsible for the cost of all repairs they have authorized.


Yes, provided that your vehicle is an original factory color that is not faded or discolored.

The following is a brief description of how paint matching works:

Your vehicle carries a paint code printed on a label on your vehicle. This code is broken down into a formula given to automotive paint manufacturers. A repair shop uses the formula to mix the color within their chosen brand of paint. This works fine if your vehicle is precisely the color specified by the paint code. However, in actual production there are often slight variations in color.
If your vehicle is not the exact shade specified by the factory, the first step is “tinting” the color. This is done by varying the amount of the toners used to make up the original formula. Sometimes, a perfect match can’t be achieved by tinting alone. In these cases, “blending” may be required. This is a process where portions of the vehicle adjacent to the repaired area are gradually misted with the tinted paint so that any minor color variance is unnoticeable. This can make the difference between a very good color match and an invisible repair.

Your insurance policy will determine if an aftermarket or used part must be used. We test fit these parts if they are not a good fit or do not meet our quality standards we send a supplement to the insurance for an OEM part.
We specialize in working with high end vehicles and we are certified with Audi, Tesla, and Rivian. However, we do work on other makes/models based on referrals and if you are a previous customer


No. There are no requirements in Utah to get multiple estimates. Submit the estimate from the auto body repair shop of your choice. The shop will negotiate with the insurance company to achieve a quality repair at a fair price.
Yes, all of our estimates are done by appointment only.


Most reputable auto body shops provide a written lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Dave’s goes a step further by offering a nationwide lifetime warranty in the event you should ever relocate.
Right away. It is best to avoid brush type car washes for the first 30 days until the clear coat reaches its maximum hardness.
It is recommended to wait at least 60 days before waxing. Although the clear coat reaches its maximum hardness in 30 days, there may still be some additional cure-out of solvents for another 30 days.

Repair Process

Getting your vehicle properly repaired can be a frustrating and lengthy process. There are several steps that need to happen before and during vehicle repairs that may slow the physical repair process. We have provided a flowchart to illustrate why repairs may be lengthy and some of the common loops encountered.

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